Backpacks were made to be abused so sooner or later something on your backpack will give.

There’s no need to rush out and buy a new backpack.  Just pick-up some backpack accessories like a strap, buckle, clip, or rope tie where needed and carry on.

You can also outfit your backpack by attaching pouches, pockets, water bottles and the like so that the items you need the most are readily available.

How about a no slip zipper pull or a clip for your keys.

Maybe grab a backpack shockproof sleeve or some tactical backpack accessories.

Depending on the backpack, you might want to purchase backpack strap pads or a backpack-strap.

The right padding for your backpack and proper support will help you avoid any long-term back problems.  Backpacking 101, too much weight, an unbalanced load, or inadequate support can cause headache.